Made a hat today!

I cast on 54 stitches, on 16″, 9mm circular needles with Malabrigo Rasta yarn. It took me about 3 hours total from cast on to bind off. It was a good time! I love knitting with such soft yarn, especially single ply.

Virginia Living Museum

So Stevie and I went there yesterday, the 26th! We had a great time. We saw all kinds of cool things.

Including some flowers, and a bunch of frogs! Photodump ahead.

Alligator foot!


Tiny shark!

I thought this statue was pretty cool. It’s a lovely, dynamic thing.

There was this one, too! I thought it was also lovely.

We saw some red wolves as well! They were all lounging, and one had dug a little ditch to lie in and cool off.

Lunch for me was a burger. Stevie got some kind of sub thing, and we shared an order of cheese fries!

Dump of some shots that I thought were cool or pretty.



There are more, but a bunch were poor shots, so those are the good ones.

I had a fantastic time. I even finished knitting my wheelchair bag, so it totally came in handy! As well, Stevie was kind enough to help me adjust the brakes on my chair, so now they work! I have working brakes! :D

OOTD 8/19/2015

My first wheelchair selfie on Tumblr got over 500 notes in about 2 weeks and it’s killing me, so here’s another.

Tank top:  Old Navy

Skirt: Goodwill (Volcom)

Tights: Target

Belt: Hot Topic

Shoes: Vans

I think it’s hilarious that I bother with mentioning where I got all these clothes and it’s all Old Navy or really cheap brands and thrifted shit hahaha