I’ve been gone an age!

So, I’ve been gone a while! It’s been very busy!


First, I moved to Virginia, and not long after that, I moved to Des Moines, Iowa! Well, near there. It’s a smaller town and it’s kinda quaint, but it’s not bad here! Unfortunately, the entire area tends to smell a little bit- kind of like dog dung, haha! Evidently this is due to a pig slaughtering plant nearby, and it is actually the smell of dead, rotting pig. Mm-mmm. Delicious….


I now live with 2 people- my boyfriend Rowan, and our good friend/family member Amber. We still have both dogs and 3 cats now, and they’re all settling in well to their new home.



I’ve re-done my hearing aids a few times in the past months, but so far my favorite is this one- it makes me feel like I’m wearing galaxies in my ears! The earmolds are candy purple acrylic with green glitter in them and I’m in absolute love. I also received these cute Chi’s Sweet Home tube riders from EarSuspenders on Etsy the same day I got my earmolds! They’re just DARLING, even if they’re a little large, and I’m also in love with them.





Previous pimp with Duck Tape! Changed it the same day!



My previous earmolds were this bright orange-red color. They were cool and all, but they were silicone, and that made them more difficult to insert. These acrylic ones are much easier to put in, and I think they look cooler, as they’re skeleton molds instead of full shell!




I’ve also recently had these Tube Twists from Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms on Etsy! They were soft and stretchy- much softer than I thought they’d be, but there ya go. They were rainbow ones, and I loved them, but they kinda put pressure on my ears cause I have such tiny ears. >:  My tubes are very small cause I have such tiny ears, so the tube twists were just a little too long for comfort. But! They were super cool and I recommend them to everyone else who has big enough ears to wear them.


We also moved house! So now instead of the big house, we’re in a small 2 bedroom apartment ion which I share a room with my boyfriend, Rowan, and Amber has her own room. It’s a little odd of a place, but it’s lovely and it already feels like home.


Finally, I was hired on at Target! It’s been fabulous and I’m so happy to have something to do 2-3 days a week. It’s the perfect job for me right now, and I meet some lovely people that come through my line.


Other than that, I haven’t had much going on! I’m pretty boring otherwise. <:  Thanks for reading, all! :D