New Wheelchair! 

Yo! So, lack of updates due to working hardcore at my new job. It’s literally only a couple of blocks from my house, so I don’t have to wheel too far OR depend on rides from my roommate, Crobat! It’s pretty good. 
Anyway, I picked up my wheelchair this morning! It’s a Quickie Q7 chair, with removable plastic side guards, swing away armrests, and an angle adjustable footplate. It’s pretty snazzy. 

It’s fancy! It rolls so smoothly, and I absolutely love the color. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I definitely do. I might switch out the hand rims for my current ones, to keep them nice and all, but we’ll see. The back also folds and the push handles fold down as well! I was also given a Jay Basic cushion, so hopefully, that one does the trick for me. They tried to get a fancier cushion approved, but Medicare wasn’t having that. So, simple cushion instead. 
So far, even though I’ve only been in it for a few minutes, it’s definitely much, much more comfortable than my previous one, which was two inches too narrow and one inch too short. It makes a huge difference! I also like the open frame design much better. I feel like it’s kinda sleek, yknow? 
Anyhow, that’s my new chair. More pictures to come, but yeah! :D I love it so far. I’ll review it again in a couple days after I’ve had a chance to use it more. 


Anxiety! Aahhhhhhh!!!

So, things are going well, but I’m dealing with way too much anxiety today!!! D:  My psychiatrist always asks me, “On a scale of 1-10, one being nirvana and ten being spontaneous human combustion, how is your anxiety today?” Today, my anxiety is like a 9. I’m ready to cry and hold my blankie and lament about how my life is awful, but I have to remember and remind myself that this is entirely normal. When  you settle from a big chance, when things start going your way, you’re more likely to have a big break. You’ll break down, you’ll cry and lament exactly as I said, about how your life is terrible and you’ll probably never amount to anything anyway so what’s the point in continuing on, and you’ve made so many mistakes, there’s just no point!


But, in reality, there’s totally a point. If I had stopped working so hard, if I hadn’t kept going and making those stressful phone calls and all that shit, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be on the verge of getting a new wheelchair, I wouldn’t be on the verge of having a bedroom, I wouldn’t have new, awesome hearing aids, I wouldn’t have the great roommate I have today, I wouldn’t have a job in my own town a block away from my house. I’d be so lost and in such a crap situation.


Anyhow, aside from dealing with so much anxiety, we have a plumber coming today to fix the toilet. It’s been costing us sooo much money because of some flow thing in the back of it that has basically been filling up and using way more water than necessary, so our water usage went from 2,000-2,500 gallons per month to approximately 11,000 gallons last month! And in the last two weeks, it had been 9,000 gallons already! So, wow!!! We’re on the hook for all that water, but that’s okay. Our landlord fixed it so that the toilet wasn’t using that much water, and we were just using a bucket to fill the back of the toilet and whatnot. It’s kind of a pain, ever so slightly, but it works, and it saves us money. <:



That’s about all that I’m dealing with right now. The wheelchair post will come probably next week or the day after, so! Be prepared for that! It’s gonna be sweeeet! :D

Grey Hair and New Aids!

So, I promised to post about my new hearing aids today, so here it is! These were obtained in the middle beginning of May- on my birthday, actually- and were programmed at the end of the month, so I’ve been hearing out of them for about 11 days or so.


These are the Oticon Chili SP9 hearing aids with no pimpage….



And here was one of my favorite pimps on them over the past few days….



And here’s a more…photogenic version of that pimp, earmolds included.



ALSO I got new earmolds! Those swirly colorful ones up there are great, but I wanted something a little more…flashy. So, here we go.



Don’t mind the little fuzz in the side of the picture! Lol.


Anyway, the Chili sounds great. It’s crisp and clear, though sometimes it can be too crisp, I suppose after I’ve been hearing for too long and I’m just tired of it (sensory overload! woo!). But, it sounds great, even better than the last ones I had. Also, I can change programs on BOTH hearing aids by pressing the button on only ONE! :D I’m thrilled about that one, to be honest. The volume wheel is a little annoying, but not so bad, and I have a huge amount of volume control. It’s got other fancy features as well, but that’s the main one that interests me. <:


Any suggestions for my next pimp? You should send me links to (peel-off) nail stickers! Small decorative stickers work great too to go on top of the nail wraps. :D


That’s all for today. I’m off!

Back (again!) and With News! (and bitching about the ex)

Hello, all! :D  So, I did another weird  sabbatical, mostly simply because I keep forgetting this blog is here. Lol. Anyhow, I’m back, and I’m gonna try even harder this time to update at least once a week, even if it’s just a post about my new hair color or a picture of my dog!


Things have been…. Well, not great, but they’re seriously getting better! So, here’s the rundown. This is gonna be a long post.



So, roommate R is the crappy one. Roommate A, for sake of ease, is referred to as Crobat from here on out, and Crobat, basically, is the best, most wonderful, sweetest person in the world.


R is less than that, by far. R is…selfish. He’s messy af. He makes himself coffee and cereal, and uses sugar, but won’t even put his sugar and coffee creamer away, and then he leaves sugar scattered all over the stove and counter. It’s come to it that Crobat and I have asked him to clean up after himself, and he just outright lies and says he DOES and DID clean up, but it’s a clear lie?? He lies right to our faces and then gets upset at us for calling him out on being a liar. His ONE chore in the entire house is to feed his cat and my dog at night, around 9-11 PM. Half the time, he refuses to do so, and asks Crobat to do it, and because Crobat is such a nice person, she does it without complaint. He has been using my bathroom stuff, including my towel to dry himself with, and then lies about using it.


The biggest issue of all is that he’s not going to be able to afford to pay rent for July, and for the past several months, he hasn’t paid for utilities or internet at all. On top of that, his pets have damaged the carpet and one of the doors so badly they have to be patched and replaced (respectively), and all together, the damage to the apartment is gonna be a good $500 or so, and he has no intention of paying to fix any of it. He’s just going to move out and leave it.


Oh, yeah, he’s moving out. Crobat seems to have gotten annoyed enough with him that she’s putting her foot down and has made the decision that R needs to move out as soon as the end of the month. We’re waiting to give him the news until after a certain small event, so as not to ruin said small event. But he’s moving out! And I’ll get to move back into the bedroom and have an actual bedroom!! :D I can’t believe it, I’m so excited.


Also, yesterday, I told R off through Skype because he wasn’t answering my messages, and he has a tendency to ignore messages if he doesn’t like what it has to say or he’ll just pretend he didn’t get the message at all. I called him out on it and said that THAT is why he needs to reply to my messages. Apparently, he got all pissy and went to Crobat and tried to bitch about me being, y’know, a bitch, but Crobat wasn’t having it and basically just ignored it haha. Which only made R pissier, I’m sure! LOL thinking about it makes me ugly-laugh.


Overall, I’m just so mad that I moved here for him and this is how he turned out. I’m so frustrated and annoyed. It shouldn’t have been this way. I shouldn’t have had to live in the living room for fucking, like, what, 3 months? Almost 4 months? I shouldn’t have been so angry for so long. But, at least now, I get to take this back to my therapist and have good news for once. <:


Tomorrow, I’m going to post about my new hearing aids, which have finally been programmed, and I also have 2 new sets of earmolds! So, that’s something cool and new to talk about! :D I’ve also pimped them a bunch recently, so there’ll be pictures of that, too. For now, I’m signing off to go shower and shave my head! <: See ya!