He’s Gone!

So, the crappy roommate R is gone! Really, truly gone! I feel like I should feel bad for being so happy that another person is out of my life, but…I just can’t feel bad. He didn’t deserve to live in a place where he wasn’t paying rent alongside a pair of people who ACTUALLY contribute to the household. He has never even bought toilet paper.  :|


He left us an ungodly mess to clean up. It was horrible. It took us over 2 hours to clean out the room and move his mattress and box spring downstairs, and it took Crobat over 20 trips to the dumpster with a box or two each time. So, to get everything down there, it was a LOT of steps and a LOT of work. There were crushed cookies on the floor IN THE CLOSET. There were empty containers and jugs from drinks, like sweet tea and Fanta. There was a TON of clothing, and I’m baffled as to why he would leave so much clothing behind. It was like he just didn’t care.


Now, Crobat and I are aware that it was one big, final Fuck You toward us, but it still makes us mad at how nonchalant he was about being confronted with that. He said something along the lines of, “That’s what happens when you give someone such a short deadline to move out.” Bull-fucking-shit, R, you had exactly 3 weeks to get your shit organized and you waited until the last second. We told him on the 15th of June that we wanted him out, basically, and the last couple days before he left I asked him if he had packed and he said he was all packed up. The room had barely changed at all in that time. Pfeh.


R also had the NERVE to ask Crobat if we (Crobat and me) would store the rest of his stuff here, in our tiny apartment, and she flat-out said no. Apparently, it made him very upset, as the next time Crobat saw him, he was bawling. He knew we were going to throw away anything he left behind, way before the move-out date. There is no excuse for him waiting until the last minute to ask and/or get the U-Haul ready. Oh- that’s right, he moved using an SUV because he couldn’t get a U-Haul trailer or truck in time, because he waited until the last minute, and expected to be able to go pick up a trailer for an interstate move the day of or before.


Everything he did in regards to moving out was so, so lazy and awful. He could have made it easy on not only himself, but Crobat and me, but he chose instead to be a giant douchecanoe.


Either way, we’re glad to have him out. I have a bedroom now instead of camping out in the living room. We have a functional living room with a coffee table, a TV/game system stand, and chairs, and even a little mini-fridge in there. Jasper, Crobat’s cat, was pretty freaked out at first what with everything having been moved around, but she’s doing much better. My cat, Wheatley, could not care less! Remi’s cage is now in my bedroom and she seems to like that. It’s also got a dog bed and 3 blankets, so I’m sure she’s comfortable.


Pictures of R’s horrible mess to follow. By the way, he had a couple people helping him move, and it really makes me wonder what they thought as they helped him bring his small amount of possessions downstairs and what they thought as they saw that massive mess.


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