September! Deaf Awareness Month! 

Just wanna throw out a reminder tat September, in the US, is deaf awareness month! 


New Day, I Guess

No more job at Kum and Go. I was fired, basically for being disabled. Already talking to a lawyer about it, but other than that, I don’t really feel like talking about it right now. Maybe in a future post. 
Steven, the new kitten, is getting along famously with the other cats and with Remi. He rubs against Remi and purrs, plays with her and Jasper. He tries to play with Wheatley, but she’s not having it, haha. She tolerates it quite well when he rubs up against her, but she’s not really interested in interaction with other animals. She just wants to snuggle with me. 
When Steven came to us,  he was a tiny bit thin, so we’ve been feeding him kitten kibble and supplementing it with wet kitten food to fatten him up, and boy, has he gained weight! He’s normal kitten size now, and he’s got the average kitten belly. Gosh, is he rambunctious! He no longer climbs legs. We’ve discouraged that. Instead, he just climbs counters, so we have to constantly bring him down off the kitchen counters. At his first home, he was fed lots of human food, so we are trying to break him of that by feeding him NO human food, whatsoever, and that means pushing him away when he tries to steal food off our plates. 
I bought a laser pointer for him and Jasper, and they love it. Jasper will steal it out of the drawer and bring it to us! She loves it. 
I filmed a video on my YouTube channel about cochlear implants and me, and you should check it out! I had my appointment for that already, and I’ll be posting about that soon, so keep an eye out. I also purchased some tcoil headphones, so I’m gonna be posting a review video about those in a day or so, but probably today. 
Eventually, I’d like to make YouTube and activism my job, of sorts, so I’m going to be working on getting more involved in that sort of thing in the future. I need better equipment, though. My laptop is a…piece of crap, suffice to say. 
I think that’s all for now. Thanks for reading! 
Oh, as a bonus, here’s my latest hearing aid pimp: