Starkey Hear Now

So, my hearing aids are starting to really give up the ghost. They get about 4-6 hours out of fresh batteries, and to top it off, my hearing has changed significantly. My right ear seems to only be able to hear rushing and rumbling through hearing aids, and my left ear is sounding different. It’s time for new hearing aids.
Starkey runs a program called Hear Now that provides top of the line hearing aids to those financially incapable of funding their own or with insurance that doesn’t cover them. I’m applying this coming April- it requires several things, including a fee of $125 for one aid, $250 for two. I’m applying for two hearing aids, with some of my SSDI money, since that’s when I have the ability to do so monetarily. 
I’ve done some Googling in an attempt to see what people think about the program, how it went and how it helped them, but I haven’t seen any anecdotes about the process, so I’ll document it here. 
To apply, you must meet an income bracket (in other words, make only so much a month), including the income of yourself and anyone you live with. You must print out and submit the last 6 statements from all bank accounts, and any proof of other assets or accounts. You must have a hearing test that is no more than 9 months old (you can either get a hearing test done from a provider that participates in Hear Now, or you must have an audio gram that a Hear Now provider will sign off on and agree to). 
So far, I’ve got almost everything. I just need the hearing test, which I’m having done this coming Thursday. After that, I just stuff it all in a big envelope and send it off (maybe a small box? I dunno). They say to allow 3 weeks before calling to check up on your application, so assuming they don’t get back to me before then, I will be calling in the first week of April for an update. Until then…we’ll see.


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