Why Hearing Aids Suck

aNormally I love my hearing aids and how they help me hear, but despite all the benefits, sometimes hearing aids just kind of suck. Don’t get me wrong- technology is great and I have no intention of stopping wearing them. It’s just cathartic to talk about how annoying they can be.

1. Earmolds get sweaty

It’s true. Whether you’re wearing acrylic or silicone or some other material, earmolds get sweaty and gross, and this leads to chronic ear infections.
2. Hearing aids + Glasses hurt 

I wear both hearing aids and glasses, and most people will tell you that they’re uncomfortable when wearing both. There’s just not very much room up there! Especially when you wear BTE hearing aids with traditional tubing. 

3. They’re extremely loud

Of course they’re going to be loud- they’re hearing aids! But no one tells you that the amplification is loud enough to hurt your poor ears, primarily stuff like traffic or vacuums or sirens. For the most part, my hearing aids are around 90 decibels, and most stuff doesn’t bother me. I work in retail though, and some stuff is uncomfortably loud, like tapping on the counter. 
4. Hearing aids are expensive 

The average hearing aid goes for about $1,200, sometimes more depending on the model and brand, and most insurances don’t cover them. However, there are programs to help pay for them, such as Starkey’s Hear Now program, which I have written about previously on this blog. Vocational rehab often helps, too, but even so, most people can’t afford hearing aids, so something like 70% of people who could benefit from hearing aids don’t wear them.
5. Feedback 

When hearing aids are loud enough, most of them give feedback- you know, that loud, high pitched squealing noise you hear from microphones? Yeah. Directly in your ear, too. Modern hearing aids have gotten better at preventing it, though!

That’s all I’ve got for now on why hearing aids suck, haha! Follow me on Twitter at @autisticiolite or Instagram at @deafectiveiolite! :3


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