Best Buy and The Terrible Customer Service: A Bedtime Story

So, for those not in the know, I got a new phone on August 11th. I purchased it through Best Buy, and we added a line onto my roommate’s/friend’s plan, so we’re saving a bunch of money each month. That’s great!

What was even greater at the time was that we were told we’d get a $200 gift card just for purchasing that phone that day! I also decided to use the gift card to purchase phone insurance, because it’s just my luck that I’ll drop and break this $650 device with no way to replace it, and I’d have to pay for it in the end (it’s a leased phone). We left the store thinking it was all good- that the phone was fine, insurance was in place, and that I had 30 days to return the phone if there was a problem with it.

This was not true.

About a day after getting the phone, it randomly restarted on its own. I assumed it was an update, because that happens, and ignored it. Then, about a week later, it happened again, except it happened repeatedly, where the phone would only stay on for a moment or two before restarting. It’d eventually stop and stay on, but a few hours later, it would do it again. I looked around online and everyone suggested a factory reset first and foremost, so I did that. Needless to say, the problem persisted- but only after the phone was fine for several days.

I spent ages trying to figure out what the problem was, because it seemed to happen after I opened up certain apps or changed settings; in the end, though, there was no explanation for it.

It was time to return the phone, 18 days after purchasing it.

For reference, we have a plan with Sprint, and I quite like their customer service agents- they’re really quite polite. To keep this part short, I returned to Best Buy for troubleshooting (only to be told I had 14 days, not 30), then was told to talk to Sprint, who told me to talk to Best Buy. Through all this, I was under the impression that the phone insurance purchased was in effect and I could use it.

Unfortunately, on our third trip to Best Buy, it was found that there was no insurance in place.

I had no idea how this could be, but then it dawned on me- the insurance never showed up on the receipt (we were told by the sales associate that it wouldn’t show up, but it was on our account!), and we were never given a partial gift card for the remainder of the $200 (insurance: $160).

Now, I have a couple theories as to why this is.

  1. The associate wanted to go home and was in a hurry, as this took place from about 8:30-9:15 at night on a Tuesday night.
  2. The associate stole the aforementioned gift card somehow and expected us not to notice.
  3. The Best Buy sales system screwed up somehow.

Personally, I feel like the gift card was stolen somehow, but I can’t be sure, especially because the gift card doesn’t show up in the system as having been created at all (though that doesn’t mean it wasn’t!).

So, today, 9/5/2015, I’m returning to the Best Buy store to speak to the managers Melissa and Latasha, and hopefully, they’ll be able to do something about this. They said they’d reach out to LG to replace the phone via the manufacturer’s warranty, but do it in-store, so that I won’t have to be without a phone while they dick around and send me another. Here’s hoping it all goes well.

For reference, the phone with the problem is the LG G4. Evidently, it’s a known problem, and the managers at Best Buy are aware that it has a hugely common problem with restarting automatically and getting stuck in restart loops. They believe it’s due to an update that was rolled out that users can not deny. Sprint’s recent problems with text messaging don’t seem to correlate, but here’s a list of all the problems I’ve had with Sprint/LG G4 since receiving the phone:

  1. LG G4 restarting automatically and repeatedly, getting stuck in restart loops
  2. Unable to access voicemail through Sprint, only able to access it via Google Voice
  3. Unable to receive phone calls through Sprint
  4. Unable to receive text messages through Sprint (but capable of receiving MMS)
  5. Hearing aid compatibility does not work

So, if you’re in the market for an LG G4, let me tell you- it’s a fantastic phone, and I would be SO happy with it if it weren’t for these issues. The double-tap to wake/sleep the phone is awesome, the volume is INCREDIBLE, the phone runs smoothly and quickly, and the screen resolution and color is just amazing. Word of caution, though: If it restarts on its own more than once, return it within 14 days. Please.

UPDATE: Waiting at Best Buy for phone exchange!


Virginia Living Museum

So Stevie and I went there yesterday, the 26th! We had a great time. We saw all kinds of cool things.

Including some flowers, and a bunch of frogs! Photodump ahead.

Alligator foot!


Tiny shark!

I thought this statue was pretty cool. It’s a lovely, dynamic thing.

There was this one, too! I thought it was also lovely.

We saw some red wolves as well! They were all lounging, and one had dug a little ditch to lie in and cool off.

Lunch for me was a burger. Stevie got some kind of sub thing, and we shared an order of cheese fries!

Dump of some shots that I thought were cool or pretty.



There are more, but a bunch were poor shots, so those are the good ones.

I had a fantastic time. I even finished knitting my wheelchair bag, so it totally came in handy! As well, Stevie was kind enough to help me adjust the brakes on my chair, so now they work! I have working brakes! :D