Knitted 3 hats in 2 days!

So I guess I’ve been on a hat kick lately. I started with this hat, the green and purple one….

It took a little longer because the yarn weight was closer to chunky, but I did it on 9mm, 16 inch circular needles. I cast on 52 stitches, using Michael’s Charisma yarn and a long-tail cast on, and did k1p1 ribbing for maybe five rows or so? Then I knitted all the way until the top, started decreasing, et voila. I use this method to make all hats pretty much!

After that one, I worked on this, a fuzzy pink hat for my friend Tori (over at crystallinestarflakes).

I like the way this one came out, a lot! I used some Isaac Mizrahi Craft yarn and this stuff is just lovely. It’s super soft and plush, and very warm! This’ll make a great winter hat for xem, seeing as xe is in NY and the winters up there can get awful. It’s not quite slouchy, but it’s still lovely and fun and cute! I used 12mm, 16 inch circular needles, cast on 34 stitches, and did the same as above- k1p1 ribbing, followed by knitting the rest of it up. I almost wish I could keep this for myself, it’s so soft! I’ll have to make a matching one in a different color.

After that, I moved on to this one this morning. I didn’t take a flat picture, however.

This one is, again Isaac Mizrahi yarn. I love the entire collection of yarn, it’s all such fun colors, nice weights, and great textures! This yarn was less fluffy, but still called for large gauge needles- again 12mm, 16 inch circular needles. I cast on 36 stitches, long-tail cast on again, and the same as above- k1p1 rib, knit all the way up after a few rows. This one I worked up in about 3 hours this morning after I woke up and wanted something easy and fun to knit. This was JUST the thing! I had a good time with this, seeing as it worked up so fast. Watching your progress come together so quickly is just so satisfying, isn’t it?  <:


Made a hat today!

I cast on 54 stitches, on 16″, 9mm circular needles with Malabrigo Rasta yarn. It took me about 3 hours total from cast on to bind off. It was a good time! I love knitting with such soft yarn, especially single ply.

Knitted cowl for sale on Etsy!

I put up this lovely cowl that I made today on Etsy at spacerockcrafts! It’s only $20 plus shipping, and it’s made of an awesome, soft, and easy-care wool/acrylic blend, meaning it’s not only super comfortable and cozy, but it can be tossed into the washing machine and dryer just like all your other laundry. <:   Click through here to get to the listing.

I’m open for custom cowls, including larger infinity scarves and hooded cowls!  <:

One cuff complete!

I’ve got one cuff down, and one to go! I’m hoping my friend Viddy will like them, and I hope they fit her! She’s got some pretty tiny wrists- only about an inch bigger than mine- so it’s a little bigger, just big enough to fit her snugly without being too tight (hopefully). I started out with 9 stitches, worked in Nubby Sand, with a long-tail cast on and 30 rows total!

Minor yarn acquisition

I have acquired a small amount of lovely yarn! And a couple small squares of fabric as well. It’s all pretty cute!

The Chunky Mochi yarn is merino wool and nylon, and boy, is it lovely and soft. I also really, really love the colors. It’s going to make a fantastic hat. I picked it up from the small yarn store nearby, called Coordinated Colors. It was an incredible store, and I’ll definitely feature them here sometime. Also, check out the adorable cat on the label (a Scottish Fold, probably?).

The other yarn is some $1 stuff from AC Moore. It’s pretty darn soft as well, and it’ll probably make a few cute cuffs or something, but I don’t find it worth featuring in detail. It’s really cheap and probably available at just about any craft store.

Lastly, the fabric is 100% cotton, and it’ll make a great wheelchair cushion cover. I’m thrilled with it, and can’t wait to make my new cover, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow at least. Today has been very busy, and I’m quite tired. Closer shot of the fabric below.

Spiders with socks! Way too cute.

Knitted a new cat collar today

I’ve been wanting something a little softer in terms of material for my cat’s collar. She’s a real cutie patootie, alright, but I find her scratching at her neck beneath her collar pretty often. So, knitting needles to the rescue! I chose some Bernat Chunky Softee yarn in the rainbow self-striping color, and boy is it cute.

The finished collar!

I used some small, faceted, opalescent glass beads in lieu of a bell, and it sure does tinkle nicely against the tag, but it also makes just as much noise as a tiny bell (if not a little more). As well, I used the long-tail cast on method, with 4 stitches, and did it all in the single rib stitch pattern. It gave it a little stretch, and those cute little arrows people associate with knitting.

Next time, I’ll use transparent or red thread, I think, to attach the beads, but I still think it’s ridiculously cute! Wheatley seems much more comfortable; normally, after I put her collar back on, she gets cranky and ignores me, but this time, she just laid down next to me and went to sleep! That leaves me confident in the comfort of this thing. It’s the same length as her nylon collar, but it’s fastened with a little opalescent button, and it stretches enough that she could easily slip out of it if necessary.

We’re both pretty darn pleased with the way it turned out! Now to make one for Peanut….

First time knitting fingerless gloves/hand warmers

So I decided to start on the prototype for my wheelchair gloves, which I’ll start selling on Etsy once I have them looking nice. I used a provisional cast on, with 27 stitches, 8mm/sz11 needles, and Michael’s Charisma yarn in this beautiful blue-teal color.

Don’t mind my nail polish! Nubby Sand is such a fun stitch….

It was pretty fun to make, and it took me most of the day because of my hands and being a bit busy, but it was pretty darn fun. The opposite side of the fabric is this very nice rib-like pattern, but it doesn’t stretch like ribbing, so it lays more flat and is very pretty. Anyway, this looks pretty good, and the last step for testing is to paint the palms or the spot where the heel of the hand might rest. I’m going to pick up some Plasti-dip once I get the chance, and I’m going to paint one with that, and the other with screen printing ink, and hopefully, it’ll make some decent winter wheelchair gloves! We’ll see! O: