Long Time No Post!

Yo! I haven’t posted in over a year, I believe, but here I am!

I got earmolds last year in August, and it’s time for a new pair. I went with turquoise/black swirl before, and this time I’m going with red glitter! Acrylic this time- silicone is comfortable, but the glitter looks better in acrylic.

I’ve been watching Markiplier on YouTube. Last thing I watched was Resident Evil 7, and before that was The Evil Within 2. Now I’m re-watching Until Dawn, which is one of my favorite games! The game mechanics are super cool, and the graphics are amazing. I recommend it to anyone who likes horror and suspense.

I’ve been dealing with some health problems, like anemia, low potassium, high white cell count- quite a few things. I’ve also had severe nausea and constipation. Because I’m so nauseous, I haven’t been able to keep much food down. Due to that, I have lost over 20 pounds in less than a month. I don’t mind so much, because I wanted to lose weight anyway, but it’s certainly not the best way to do so haha. Anyway, I’m down from 165 lbs, to 140 lbs. Lose another 20 pounds and I’ll be happy!

I’ve been diagnosed with gastroparesis. For those not in the know, it’s basically stomach paralysis. Food doesn’t exit my stomach quickly enough, so I end up constipated and unable to eat because eating causes nausea and vomiting. I’ve mostly been able to get 3-4 bites of food before I can’t eat anymore.

I don’t have much else to say here, but I’ll be posting a vlog later on about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness month and deaf awareness week. Stay tuned!


For Tori


I hope you like it, bb. <3

This is made using Malabrigo Rasta yarn (bulky/super bulky), color #RAS862 Piedras, with 56 cast on stitches and…idk how many rows, but I worked it in K2 P2 (double) rib until it measured about eight inches high. It’s kettle dyed, pure merino wool, so it’s hand wash and dry flat (or dry clean I’m pretty sure), but the extra care is totally worth the softness and quality of the material.

I hope you like it, crystallinestarflakes! <3

K-Cups are great for wheelchair-users

So I woke up yesterday to discover that I couldn’t really move around on my legs, for some mysterious reason that happens to us zebras an awful lot. I’ve been moving around the house exclusively in my wheelchair, which is alright, but I make a lot of tea during the day. I make it cup by cup, and I typically put 2 teabags in, and leave them to steep until I’m done drinking it. Thing is, the stove is up kind of high for a wheelchair-user, so boiling water is kind of hard and annoying, because I can never tell it’s boiling unless I pull it off the stove and bring it down to my level. It just doesn’t seem safe.

The other day, my friend Wah brought home a custom K-cup container to use with the Keurig thing. It hadn’t seen much use…until now. I discovered the thing is fantastic for making single cups of tea for someone who’s a couple extra feet lower than normal. The only problem is that my brand of tea is Red Rose- super cheap, and only comes in teabags, as far as I’m aware, so I have to cut the bags open and use the loose tea that way. It’s not such a big deal, and I can prepare several servings simply by opening a bunch of bags and storing it in a small container, using a measuring spoon to fill the K-cup with the proper amount of loose tea.

It works pretty fantastically. I can even make half cups, so even though I’m making tea more often, I’m wasting less (the tea that goes cold), and enjoying more.  <:

Yay Keurig!