Just Look!

My cat is adorable. Just look. You’ll see.


Knitted a new cat collar today

I’ve been wanting something a little softer in terms of material for my cat’s collar. She’s a real cutie patootie, alright, but I find her scratching at her neck beneath her collar pretty often. So, knitting needles to the rescue! I chose some Bernat Chunky Softee yarn in the rainbow self-striping color, and boy is it cute.

The finished collar!

I used some small, faceted, opalescent glass beads in lieu of a bell, and it sure does tinkle nicely against the tag, but it also makes just as much noise as a tiny bell (if not a little more). As well, I used the long-tail cast on method, with 4 stitches, and did it all in the single rib stitch pattern. It gave it a little stretch, and those cute little arrows people associate with knitting.

Next time, I’ll use transparent or red thread, I think, to attach the beads, but I still think it’s ridiculously cute! Wheatley seems much more comfortable; normally, after I put her collar back on, she gets cranky and ignores me, but this time, she just laid down next to me and went to sleep! That leaves me confident in the comfort of this thing. It’s the same length as her nylon collar, but it’s fastened with a little opalescent button, and it stretches enough that she could easily slip out of it if necessary.

We’re both pretty darn pleased with the way it turned out! Now to make one for Peanut….